How do you distinguish the Right Idea from a Bright Idea?

How do you distinguish the Right Idea from a Bright Idea?

How do you distinguish the Right Idea from a Bright Idea?

Bright ideas matter. They can resolve simple issues and transform lives. But not all bright ideas are the right ideas. Ideas need to be challenged and interrogated. They must be put through a rigorous process, and reviewed from all angles to investigate their application and their long-term success.

At TMA, as a creative agency, we have lots of bright ideas.
But how do we know which one is the right idea?

Identifying the right idea comes from in-depth knowledge of our client’s business and understanding the logic behind their strategy. It stems from a deep understanding of our client’s proposition and their thinking behind it. Using a rigorous five-step process we apply that logic to create the most effective brand message, strong tactical execution and the ‘right’ creative solution. The end result is important, but it is the process of how we got there that really matters. It provides the proof of the right idea, not just a bright idea.

As a client, what do you want?

With 25 years of experience of working with clients from a wide range of industries, we have seen some well thought out, well-written creative briefs. These briefs are the foundation upon which all great creative work is built. But that doesn’t mean they are not open to challenge.

We make it our mission to build a strong relationship based on respect and trust with every single one of our clients. This enables us to think in the same way as they do and work alongside them to come up with the right solution. We become a partner, not just a supplier. As a partner, our clients trust and respect us to question and challenge their brief so that we can uncover the right solution with the creative impact that drives consumer behaviour.

Respect and trust require honesty, and if we think the right idea is something we can’t fulfil, we will say so. Long-term relationships aren’t built on quick wins. Lasting relationships are nurtured by developing campaignable ideas that resonate with audiences and deliver return on investment.

Our clients know they can trust us to apply logical thinking to develop the right ideas that work.

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