Which should come first, the Bright Idea or the Right Idea?

Which should come first, the Bright Idea or the Right Idea?

Which should come first, the Bright Idea or the Right Idea?

Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation. Right through the course of history, you can see inventors changing the world. These pioneers challenged the status quo and created a better way of doing something. Be it the light bulb, the steam engine or the mobile phone – all these dreams became effective realities. They weren’t just bright ideas – but the right ideas.

It takes truly talented people to sift through all the bright ideas to find the right one. The idea that can actually be implemented and delivers on the objectives. The idea that actually works.

At TMA we are passionate about delivering not just bright ideas – but the right ideas. Ideas aren’t just about pretty pictures or wacky images to grab your attention. The right ideas have substance. They can be applied to different environments yet still deliver the same impact. They have longevity and can be executed in a number of ways. They are the basis of memorable campaigns that drive real changes in consumer behaviour.

The right ideas have meaning and connect to an overall strategy – they are part of the plan. They  come from truly understanding the core issues and key messages that need to be communicated. They are based on logical thinking and thought alignment, not just on what looks good. After all, the creative twist should come at the end of the process not at the beginning.

As a client, what do you want?

In our experience working with a wide variety of clients over the past 25 years, we know that clients need an agency that quickly understands what the strategy is and the thought processes behind it. They want a marketing partner who can extend that logic into the creative process and then develop a clear message with a creative treatment that can be communicated through a series of appropriate tactical executions.

The right agency can get up to speed quickly, understand where you need to get to and create a campaign that communicates the proposition with a clever creative twist.

Our clients know they can trust us to deliver not just the bright ideas, but the right ideas.

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